Top 5 Movies For Tween Girls and their Mum's

Top 5 Movies For Tween Girls and their Mum's

There's nothing better than a good movie, especially a girls night in, but sometimes its tricky to find one that's appropriate for tween girls. They've outgrown most of the cartoon flicks & aren't quite ready for all the M rated stuff! Right? We got chatting about this around the dinner table the other night - my two are both in their teens, and remember that in-between stage very well SO we came up with the MILLA + LOTTI Top 5 Movies for Tween Girls. Whether you have a DVD Player, Foxtel or Netflix these flicks are readily available - all you have to do is make a date with your daughter and grab the popcorn!


No. 1 .... Beauty and the Beast

This classic needs no introduction! Belle is definitely one of our favourite Disney Princesses. She’s considered odd for always having her nose in a book (bah!) and wanting more than the life the town offers her. Belle’s tale inspires us to look beyond shallowness, insincerity and instead be compassionate, humble, kind and generous. It’s a beautiful movie you will both enjoy (and sing along to) together. Make sure you see the latest release featuring the lovely Emma Watson.


No. 2 .... High School Musical

Gabriella (Vanessa Hudgens) meets Troy (Zac Efron) whilst on holiday at a karaoke night – and their love for singing sparks something new. The story takes them to school where they have to fit in and forget about doing what they love. High School Musical speaks strong messages of peer pressure, fitting in and doing what is expected of them.  Tweens will love the energy of this movie and you’ll be singing the sound track for years! 


No. 3 .... Bridge to Terabithia

You might need tissues for this one!  Based on the book (also a fabulous read) by Katherine Paterson, The Bridge To Terabithia tells the story of Jesse (Josh Hutcherson) and his new neighbor Leslie (Anna Sophia Robb). These 12 year olds forge a strong friendship and create an imaginary world where they can escape from school bullies and challenging family dynamics. There are some deep themes in this movie. It’s visually beautiful and a lovely film about two pre-teens making sense of the world. 


No. 4 .... Matilda

We couldn’t put together a list of #faves without including a movie based on our all time favourite - Roald Dahl! The mighty small but powerful Matilda, a misfit in her own family finds solace by teaching herself how to get to the local library. Once she attends school her talent is recognized and nurtured by her lovely teacher Miss Honey. Matilda is set for payback on her family and the nasty school Principal Ms Trunchbull with her power of telekinesis! 


No. 5 .... The Princess Diaries

Featuring Anne Hathaway as Mia, a gawky 15 year old who finds out she's royalty next in line to the throne. Mia undergoes a make-over and begins 'How to be  a Princess 101' classes with her newly discovered Grandmother (Julie Andrews). Its like a dream come true, Mia suddenly gets the popularity she's always wanted, but is it really the life she wants? Easy to watch Disney movie on self discovery, finding your place and the importance of family and true friendship.


So what do you think? Is one of these your favourite? Tell us your top tween girls movie - we’d love to compare notes!!


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